Nominations Open For ROC Association New England Director

CONCORD, N.H.—The ROC Association is accepting nominations for the New England Region Director position now through November 30.

Community leaders interested in running for the seat should submit a completed nomination form, biography, and a photo via online submission, email, or by mailing to the ROC USA office.

Once nominations are in, ballots will be sent out to ROC Boards for the election and are due by February 1. Results will be announced the following week.


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Nomination forms are available in English and Spanish. Interested leaders must have the endorsement of their ROC Board. See the 2021 election page to learn more about the election process.

The ROC Association was started by two community leaders, one from Minnesota and one from New Hampshire, in 2013. Both were appointees to the ROC USA Board of Directors who saw the potential of a large national network of local communities with a formalized organization and election process for ROCs.

Membership is free and automatic to all of the 281 ROCs that are certified by ROC USA Network.

Communities elect Directors to the ROC USA, LLC Board, helping ensure not only community involvement in the governance of ROC USA and a strong voice in the planning and shaping of ROC USA’s work. One Director is elected from each of three regions.

Directors take part in all ROC USA Board meetings (usually held in Washington, D.C., three times per year) and the annual ROC Leadership Institute. The Institute is a four-day conference that brings together 100 ROC leaders from across the country for training, networking and more. Directors’ expenses for all these events are paid for by ROC USA. All that is required is a Director’s time and dedication.