ROC Association and ROC USA® Announce COVID-19 Fundraiser and Emergency Grants

CONCORD, N.H.—ROC Association and ROC USA® have announced the launch of a fundraising campaign and emergency grant program in response to devastating effects of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

Funds raised will be used to cover site fees for residents with a household member diagnosed with the illness.

Together, ROC Association and ROC USA will match every dollar raised up to $10,000, meaning $10,000 in fundraising equals $20,000 in site-rent grants.

“I’m praying no one in our communities gets sick with this,” said Marjory Gilsrud, Director for the East, Midwest and South region. “But I’m glad to know that if someone does, we’re there to help.”

The campaign, named #Better Together – Grants for Resident-Owned Communities aims to highlight on the mission of ROC USA – that as cooperatives, resident-owned communities operate better when they work together.

To date, there is one reported case of coronavirus in a ROC USA resident-owned community, but trends indicate several dozen households could face a COVID-19 diagnosis in the near future.

The campaign is hosted through GoFundMe Charity. Anyone interested in applying for a grant will be asked to complete a very short application, including a note from a doctor, on ROC USA’s website. ROC USA will send a check to recipients’ cooperatives on their behalf.