NPR piece should be a springboard to spread the word ever further

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It has been a wonderful and kind time since the NPR story came out about Park Plaza Cooperative, where I serve as Board President. It’s amazing what the power of radio can do to people. It was like being a child in the ‘60s having only the radio to listen to.

Except I didn’t have a radio in the house when this story was broadcast, so I ran out to my car in my PJ’s and sat through the first story mad and hurt. I heard the second day’s story the next day at the office with tears of joy hearing the residents talk.

Cooperative living has brought so many of us close together in many ways. Hugs, smiles, death, tears, great party days with lots of joy, even crabby people dealing with all there is about Cooperative living and so much more. There are so many amazing things that can be done not only within our community but outside as we reach past the fences, so to speak. We want to teach others about us and share what this can mean to even more people.

I never thought meeting Daniel Zwerdling that day would have such an impact on so many later on. Even on Twitter, the comments are that of being moved by the story. The spoken word has such a huge impact and we should do it more.

I’d love for me and the other ROC Association Directors to have video calls with other communities that seem to be at a standstill and feel lost. Let our communities reach out even more. Let’s talk more about the kindness we should be sharing, about teaching the children in our communities that they matter, about how the elderly should matter even more and become grandmas and grandpas to the kids so they don’t feel alone. The power of kindness, being able to listen, and hugs are beyond this planet. We are doing it!!! I am not alone in this wonderful gift of Cooperatives. All the residents make this happen, too.

In closing, I’d like to share this email I received shorty after the story ran:



We met briefly at the 2015 I’m Home conference and you and your co-op board made such an impression on me while there. I was not surprised a few days ago to be scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and see an NPR article about a certain Mobile Home park. I shouted immediately when I recognized your photo – “Hey I know her!” Congratulations on the well-deserved recognition!

Wonderful insightful article. I hope things continue to go well for you and the board and park residents.

Wishing you many more healthy days ahead as you cope with your illness. Happy New Year.

-Ben, Tamaqua, Pa