ROC PRIZE, Why, When, What and How!

We put up the tree this weekend; it’s now officially the Christmas season in our house.

While I was cutting a fresh base and positioning the tree in place – a chore that involved two full attempts so it took a while – I was reflecting on Orlando and thinking about my advice about being a little light-hearted, having some fun, and rewarding the volunteer Members who show up to your meetings.

Remember the lucky Montana crew – Shelli, Dan and Greg – and their dominance in the “write down a number between one and ten” game?

So, I started thinking about how to start doing fun stuff like that – community building fun – on

I see so much potential for if we can create real connection and sharing among ROC leaders around the country. I know from years of getting community leaders together that the “best part of the training is meeting with other community leaders who share the same challenges I do.”

As the president of ROC USA, my responsibility is to create a focused and meaningful way for that to happen 24/7 and routinely. Naturally, I want to do all that I can to create that for leaders on

Was it Sheila Rice from Montana who said, “With incentives, more people would rather have a lesser chance of winning something big over a greater chance of winning something small”? (Those Montanans are both lucky and wise!)

Okay, so big is relative, especially after last week’s lottery. Let’s be real. We’ve long been “a flea on the elephant’s butt” as I’ve been known to say but still, c’mon. In the spirit of Christmas and with the goal of building a flourishing national network of mutually supportive community leaders, I think ROC USA can sponsor some fun along the way to creating a robust on-line community!

Here’s the deal: Go to ROC Talk and look for “ROC PRIZE” followed by a question. Respond to that question by midnight on December 20 and you will be entered to win a site-fee free January! (Say that ten times fast, ugh!) That’s right, ROC USA will pay one month’s site fee to a randomly selected individual who provides one or more answers to the question. It’s as simple at that!

And, the question is: What fun activities have you introduced, or do you want to introduce, in your Member meetings to bring some fun, keep it light-hearted and reward Member volunteers?

Remember Orlando: What thoughts did you have when Mike and I both introduced some quick fun in our presentations? (You remember, Mike threw candy bars around and I passed out three Rat Pack DVDs sets.)

So, visit ROC Talk today. And, share your great ideas! ROC on ROC Pack!


And the winner is………..

Larry Erickson of Pine Tree Village Residents Association in Carver, Mass. Larry will enjoy a site-fee free January for his entry in the contest, where he talked about implementing karaoke night, a trivia contest, and the always popular AND effective free food.

There were plenty of great suggestions, from T-shirts and magazine subscriptions to neighborhood swaps and coffee machines. The best part is, some of these practices have already been put to use, and proven successful. Now everyone else can put these time-tested motivational tools to use in their communities. This kind of idea sharing is what is all about. We’re psyched it’s working!

Congratulations to Larry and here’s hoping everyone has a great holiday and terrific new year.

P.S. Don’t forget, you still have time to enter the ugly ornament contest!

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