Sad and happy follow-up to homeowners’ speeches in Oregon

I blogged about Diane Pense’s and Sam Morris’ speeches in February.  Today, I got some really disturbing follow-up on Diane’s situation.

Apparently, her 10-home community isn’t closing down but they didn’t learn that until after they all sold their homes for about half of their value.  And, from the newspaper report, it appears that the community owner might have been involved somehow in the purchase of the homes at that deep discount!

It’s truly heart-breaking. 

On a much better note, Sam Morris of Saunders Creek Co-op – who I also blogged about for her speech at the same event – has been nominated for the ROC Association Mountain/West Director’s seat! 

Check out a video of her remarks in my February blog and read about her and Lorie Cahill – who is also running for the Mountain/West region this summer – in the ROC Association section of

We need to know the depths of sadness to really feel the highs of happiness.  The Oregon event – organized by our affiliate CASA of Oregon – continues to reflect that spectrum months later.  It’s just reality.  We deal in reality – no bones about it.

Best wishes Diane and Sam (and Lorie, too!)