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Spring has sprung in the Great Northwest.

Our community spends the first Saturday of the month, from May to October/November, at “Fire Pit Fun.” This is our second year hosting the event, and the month of May brought our first bonfire. And, and a special guest from ROC USA, Cathy Haigh.

For those new to the ROC USA family, you’ll be amazed (as I still am) at how a lender can extend beyond money. Cathy was in the Northwest area to help another community understand how to take care of the details it takes to run a ROC at a training “Boot Camp.” The new community, Elmwood Homeowners Cooperative, is pretty far south from our community, Duvall Riverside Village. Cathy made the extra, extra effort to come out to our little spot east of Seattle and join our fire fun simply to say “Hi.”

It’s always great when you get together as a community to have new people come join in on the good times. When we first became a community, the Membership Committee would set up times to gather. We had BBQs when the Northwest weather would permit. I’m not sure why our community BBQ for our community didn’t take a spark. In fact, it was kind of dull. Each time we planned it, fewer people attended. Instead of giving up on getting together as a community, we put our heads together and changed it to the ‘Fire Pit Fun.” Now it holds a double spark!

Since becoming a ROC takes time and work from everyone, I would like to encourage you to put your thoughts together as a community and figure out what works for your community to gather at times to just have fun. It helps bring people together and helps balance the good and busy times.

From our home to yours, cheers!

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