Service won’t end with departure from ROC Association Board

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Service won’t end with departure from ROC Association Board

Have you tuned in yet to the Ownership Matters Podcast?
Hear from Kim directly when he was a guest this past August. 

Greetings Cooperative Members,

For the past six years it has been my pleasure to serve as your representative from New England on the ROC Association Board and ROC USA® Board. My service was brought about by my desire to represent this region in support of the needs of our communities and I was elected by the votes of each cooperative’s Board of Directors.

It has been a journey of learning, expanding my knowledge of affordable housing, better understanding the day-to-day needs and struggles of managing communities, especially those that don’t look exactly like mine, and learning from all ROC leaders how better to govern to meet those needs. It has taken me to places and I have met like-minded people I wouldn’t have outside of this service to you.

What I have learned and experienced through this journey certainly could be a great resume builder if that was my purpose, but my greater purpose was to give back to an organization that made it possible for me to afford to live comfortably in a community with the security of knowing that the land on which my home is placed cannot be taken away and that we, and our fellow homeowners, are in control of maintaining our community to a higher standard.

I write this note to you to suggest you, too, might have some leanings to give back and to make a difference on a broader scale. I urge you to not just think about it, but to take the plunge. If you want to contribute more and want to grow personally, this can be your opportunity. It costs you nothing and it gives you great opportunities to cast a wider shadow. As an extremely cautious and shy person, I have found opportunities to crawl out of that shell and get great satisfaction in knowing I have an opportunity to make a difference in lives around the country by learning and then sharing that knowledge. To run for the position is not difficult, it’s just filling out a few forms to tell others about you and why you want to go on this journey with them. That’s it!

In closing, I want to thank you and your Boards for voting for me and supporting me these past six years. Sadly, I am term limited and my journey at this level is over, but I will continue working with ROC Association as a member on their committees because the joy of service to others never gets old.

Kim Capen

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