Two Great Honors

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What a month!

The emails that I have received and the evaluations I’ve read since the June 6 to 8 ROC Leadership Institute are deeply meaningful and powerful to me. I will share a few anonymously because I don’t have their permission to quote them directly.

First, I love how this woman from a West Coast ROC reflects the skepticism that exists in low- and moderate-income communities to start, and concludes with a deep commitment to the ROC movement. In just a few sentences, this co-op leader conveyed exactly what the movement is all about. 

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My main objective for attending was to find out if ROC USA is legitimate and as good as it seems from a distance. I asked lots of questions of staff and keenly observed everything. I’m impressed and inspired and intend on becoming involved beyond my community. I’ve studied the lower end of the real estate market quite extensively. ROC USA is the answer to much of what ails those who haven’t been able to keep up in the USA the way it’s structured. This is a movement and I intend being a part of the momentum. Thank you!

And this email from a Massachusetts co-op community leader reflects her excitement for learning and engaging with our team and fellow ROC leaders:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you all do for our ROC communities! There is always so much more to learn and you have given us the opportunity to do that! The ROC Leadership Institute is so full of such useful information. I wish I was able to attend every class! Even though that’s not possible, every year I leave there with so much more knowledge and understanding of what living in and running a ROC means!

It is so inspiring to meet other people and hear their stories and realize that we all have so much in common!

You thanked us for coming, but I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to come together for a common goal and taking such an interest in each and every one of us! #BetterTogether!

And, from a Rhode Island co-op leader, came this appreciation for the focus that our new SNHU location means to participants.

It was also very enlightening and fun to talk to and hear stories from members of other ROC communities. So many great people, all gathered at one place for one purpose was a rare treat! By the way, the first thing I did with our Class Picture was to post it on our community Facebook page. It got its first comment within seconds!

Check out the photo for yourself on our Facebook page.

Thank you to all who contributed to the ROC Leadership Institute. For highlights and a lot of inspiration, please read the recap of the event and watch the videos that will give you a taste of what it’s like. We will continue to build and expand the Institute. Watch this fall for Institute dates in June of 2020!

I also had the privilege of attending ROC USA’s Board Chair – Andrea Levere’s – departure event as she winds up her 27 years at Prosperity Now.  She’s not retiring but she is stepping down as President of Prosperity Now and looking to do something in the impact investing space. 

Andrea Levere, president of Prosperity Now, speaking at the inaugural ROC Leadership Institute
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It was a fitting tribute to her leadership and record of accomplishment.

True to form, she is exiting after a year-long, excellent transition plan that included the recent selection of a new president, Gary Cunningham.  That’s Andrea; always building and growing everything around her and stepping back when the timing is right and others are ready to take over.

I reflected such in my comments at the event.

I am here tonight as a representative of hundreds of local leaders who Andrea has raised up and supported in myriad ways.

You all know of that unmatched quality of hers – the one where she finds innovations, draws them out and connects them with others. And with every step she’s building. Building out more robust strategies and alliances. Field-building seems second-hand to her.

She’s done it in that highly collaborative way she and Prosperity Now do, and in a wide range of asset building fields, including micro finance, matched savings, tax prep and VITA sites, financial coaching, and yes, affordable housing.

So many people and organizations have benefited from this woman’s unmatched generosity … that self-less, generous hand up.”

Andrea will remain a Director and Chair of the ROC USA Board, thank goodness!  As she professionally opens a new chapter later in the year, we are all excited to see what she takes on!

Congratulations, Andrea on your remarkable success and outstanding legacy at Prosperity Now!

Here’s to a great summer!