ROC Association

The ROC Association is made up of Resident Owned Communities that are or once were under contract with a Certified Technical Assistance Provider trained and certified by ROC USA® Network.

These communities elect Directors to the ROC USA, LLC Board of Directors, helping ensure customer involvement in the governance of ROC USA as a non-profit social venture.

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One Director is elected from each of three regions and serves a three-year term.

The Association was started by two ROC leaders, Natividad Seefeld and Lois Parris, both former appointees to the ROC USA Board of Directors.

Membership is free to all of the more than 250 communities that have been or are supported by a ROC USA Network affiliate.

In 2013, we held our first national elections and since then, ROC Boards of Directors (your Board) has had the opportunity to cast a single vote for a candidate from your region every two years.

To “meet” the current directors, just click on their names:

Check out this video filmed as the Members of ROC USA, LLC, voted to add the ROC Association to their ranks:

ROC Association Bylaws | La Asociación de ROC Estatutos