A house isn’t a car, so why depreciate it like one?

Working with owners and buyers of manufactured (mobile) homes, as we do here, means spending time countering myths and misconceptions left over from the bad old “trailer park” days. It doesn’t help when those misconceptions are spread by … More »

Two Great Honors

What a month! The emails that I have received and the evaluations I’ve read since the June 6 to 8 ROC Leadership Institute are deeply meaningful and powerful to me. I will share a few anonymously because I … More »


Affordable Housing loss in Montana

Since 2011, nearly 300 manufactured homes were lost in Missoula County. As the economy in Montana grows, developers have been buying the land to build new homes, condos and townhouses. The loss of manufactured homes means a significant … More »

The lasting value of a legacy: remembering Dale Whitmore

I was saddened to hear recently of the loss of a great man, Dale Whitmore, President of Wardtown Cooperative in Freeport, Maine. Dale passed away peacefully, surrounded by friends and family, from complications from recent illnesses. When I reflect … More »

Don’t get stressed by tax preparation, get help

Free tax prep assistance is available for seniors and people with low incomes. April is right around the corner. It’s the start of spring, a time of blooming and renewal and, for the employees of the Internal Revenue … More »


Washington Post Article

If you haven’t already seen the Washington Post article “A billion-dollar empire made of mobile homes,” please give it a look: https://tinyurl.com/y379ng43 It’s terrific exposure and an important story because it speaks to the reality of private equity … More »

Photo of Minnesota Rep. Connie Bernardy and ROC Association Director Natividad Seefeld testifying at the Minnesota State Offices about a bill that would extend renters tax credits to cooperative manufactured homeowners.

Advocating for Added Affordability

When I talk to people about resident ownership, people are genuinely interested and excited to learn about how it works. A conversation with state lawmakers earlier this month proved no different. I spent the day at the Minnesota … More »

2018 ROC Tour: Under the Big Sky

This is part three in a series of blog posts by Lorie Cahill, the ROC Association Director for the Mountain West region. The series chronicles the visits she made in 2018 to the ROCs in Montana. Check out part one … More »