Foulke joins ROC USA in new technical assistance role

ROC USA® is pleased to announce that Haydyn Foulke has been hired as post-purchase cooperative coordinator. Foulke joins ROC USA after graduating in May from Guilford College in Greensboro, N.C. She has previously volunteered her time as a community organizer, studying community and justice issues while working with refugee resettlement in Greensboro. They learned about ROC USA’s work while researching manufactured home communities in Greensboro.

“I am excited to have Haydyn as part of the ROC USA Direct team,” said Angela Romeo, ROC USA’s vice president of acquisitions. “Haydyn will be providing technical assistance to the vast majority of the ROCs we work with directly. She brings with her a passion for housing, specifically those who are at risk in MHCs.”

Foulke will work part time and will guide ROCs through the post purchase process. She’s already working with two ROCs in North Carolina and Utah. They will be working remotely from Greensboro and are excited about their new role with ROC USA.

“I’m excited to work for ROC USA,” they said. “Our mission of bringing dignified homeownership with community autonomy is lifechanging for so many people.”

Contact Information:

Haydyn Foulke,