New signage helps with new image

ROCK TAVERN, N.Y. – New signs officially mark a new chapter in the BT, Inc. story. 

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In all,the resident-owned community purchased three new signs using the one-time Re-Branding Grant awarded to them by the ROC Association: two for the entrance of the neighborhood and one off the main highway that leads to the ROC. Community leaders sought  new signage to showcase BT’s new resident-owned status and the fact that it is a 55-plus community.

The $1,320 project was paid for largely by a $1,200 grant they received.

“It went well and was well-received,” said Board President Tom Gibney. “A lot of people like the new signs.” 

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Already, the signs are getting noticed and not just by the residents. Gibney said they’ve had townsfolk stop in to learn more about the neighborhood and to see if there are homes available for them to purchase.

“We’re getting a lot of traffic,” he said. “If we had product, we would sell out.”

Board Vice President Patty Reynolds said the signs also helped to further bring the community together.

“Two of our volunteers put them up,” she said.

When it comes to apply for other grants in the future, Reynolds said the choice was a no-brainer.

“Most definitely.”

BT, Inc. was one of nine recipients of the Re-Branding Grant. The ROC Association Directors created a new Re-Branding Grant Program for ROCs with a goal of addressing stigma in manufactured home communities and helping ROCs improve their reputation. The grants helped fund ROCs that wanted to make concrete changes that contribute to a better brand image, or reputation, for their community.

BT, Inc., a 88-site community, became resident-owned on July 3, 2019. Learn more about the other awardees and their projects here.